About Me


I worked as a database and application developer at companies around Seattle for many years. As an application developer, I created a project scheduler for Boeing Customer Service when the personal computer entered the business market. When the power of the Internet made its way into our offices and living rooms during the 1990s, I took jobs that would enable me to learn to program on the Internet. When a large hospital in the Seattle area got access to a feature in the health care system that allowed them to open a web page when a patient chart was accessed, I got a job there helping to develop a dashboard that could give a quick visual synopsis of the patient's medical status.

Sometimes, I started working for a company to solve a big problem, and sometimes, it was just learning about their technology. Since college, I have enjoyed learning. Programming has allowed me to test and optimize extensive systems, where I often learn by experimentation. When I saw that developer education was expanding a few years ago, I moved away from software engineering and into teaching. Developer Education is delivered through Universities, Boot Camps, and Corporations, and I've enjoy teaching in all of these venues.

I like creating curriculum. To that end, I started a Master of Science degree at Quinnipiac University. The program I completed in 2022 emphasizes multi-media learning. I am most motivated to apply it to teaching developers how to work in a constantly evolving field.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Senior Application Developer

    HDR Inc - 2023 - 2024

    The HDR Application Development organization supports engineers in developing applications that often use maps. I learned much about mapping technology and its relationship to the web. I also worked on an automation project in which I used a .net core framework to create APIs that extracted data from a cloud application and loaded it into a SQL Server database, making it available to visualization tools like Power BI.

  • Curriculum Program Manager

    Cloudinary - 2019 - 2023

    I started working for Cloudinary as a Developer Instructional Designer. In 2022, I was promoted to Curriculum Program Manager for Developer Education. I created self-service courses that are available on the Cloudinary Academy website. When I created a course, I would work closely with Subject Matter Experts such as developers, solutions architects, support engineers, and advanced product managers from around the company to discover learning objectives and verify the material I shared with the public. As our team established a roadmap of courses from beginner to advanced, we started repurposing content in different formats. I created content for monthly webinars. I created and maintained the cloudinary-training repository that held code for all our courses and webinars.

  • Full Time Faculty

    Seattle University - 2017 - 2019

    I worked as a full-time instructor for a Web Developer Certification program. This program was designed for adults who were working full-time and wanted to move into working in technology. The curriculum focused on Front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Vue.js framework. The students also learned to work with data using APIs. Students also learned about SEO by configuring Google Analytics and adding it to their websites.

  • Lead Instructor

    Codefellows Bootcamp - 2016

    Students generally do not work outside school while attending the Codefellows boot camps but instead engage in daily learning and coding. For the most part, students took three 10-week courses that took them from introductory HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to Fullstack Development with Node.js or Python. I worked closely with students, helping them troubleshoot their work. Every Friday, I got the students to go to the whiteboards in pairs to practice the interview experience, where they would ask each other to code solutions to problems.

  • Software Engineering/Programming Experience

    Seattle Area Companies - 1987 - 2024

    Summary of the companies and technologies.

    • Boeing: Personal Computer Application and training
    • REI: IBM Point of Sale Programming
    • Attachmate: Business reporting with Microsoft Transact SQL
    • Microsoft Contractor: Database Administration
    • fine.com: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ASP
    • go2net.com: Transact SQL to Oracle migration and GSP (Gnu Server Pages was a precursor to Java JSP)
    • Seattle College: Instructing students in Microsoft ASP, Java,and C++
    • Expeditors International: Java Tomcat Framework
    • Seattle Public Schools Contractor: ASP.NET
    • Seattle Childrens Hospital: JavaScript, ext.js framework, HTML, CSS
    • f5 Networks: Java Tomcat Framework
    • Globys: ASP.Net, tSQL, JavaScript in the Bootstrap framework
    • Schweitzer Engineering Labs: Angular
    • Seattle University: Vue
    • Cloudinary: Nodejs, Python, Java, PHP
    • HDR Inc: C# and .net core, React, Nextjs

  • Education

  • Masters of Science in Instructional Design

    Quinnipiac University - 2019 - 2022

    Quinnipiac's Instructional design program covers learning theory, tools like Canva and Captivate, and web design. The approach emphasizes the value of multimedia content based on the research summary leading to Mayer’s 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning. It is a project-based program. All of the courses involved designing some facet of content. We also built projects as teams in some courses.

  • Masters of Business Administration

    University of Washington - 1984 - 1985

    In addition to core courses in accounting, marketing, and management, I specialized in Finance and Quantitative Methods. For example, I took additional courses in investment and statistics. I also took many courses in the Department of Computer Science. Many of the Computer Science courses I took in graduate school, such as Data Structures and Algorithms, turned out to be very useful as I pursued a career in computer programming. While in Grad School, I was a research assistant developing database software to help grad students find scholarships. I also spent two summers interning at IBM and Weyerhauser.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

    University of Washington - 1976 - 1979

    I completed coursework in Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Math. I also read ancient Greek for a year. After graduating, I got a job as a computer operator and took some programming classes, which led to my return to school and studying business and computer science. I am one of those people who love learning for learning's sake. This article, which came out twenty years ago about dopamine and learning convinced me that it was more than OK to keep learning new things.


Data Analysis

I have been involved in data analysis since the start of my career. There are so many tools now and expectations that learning can be measured and tied to program development, or even the bottom line.

Application Development

I am interested in developing curriculum that involves coding. I also realize the challenges of presenting code and am alway lookingn for new tools and ways to innovate with this.


Communication and Community are important in software development. It can take time to develop a new community, but there are ways to join existing communities.



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Blog Posts

Read blog posts I have published on dev.to and medium.

Jun 25th 2018

CSS Layout: Evolution Detailed Example

I could see that all the methods for laying out a web page could be confusing to students.

Jan. 29th 2023

React 18 + React Router v6 + Sidebar Navigation

I created a code sandbox application for training. The React Router v6 was new and I wanted to share.

Oct. 22nd 2023

Using Web APIs: Create a Camera Application

The goal was to implement a feature common for a mobile device that use Web Browser APIs.